WorkersJoint Program

WorkersJoint Program:¬†Workers (both formal and informal) are an indispensable part of thriving supply chains. GoodWeave India’s worker empowerment program is called WorkersJoint; it is a holistic program supporting marginalized informal workers, mostly migrants, home-based workers, women workers and micro-producers, to attain greater upward mobility within a supply chain.¬†GoodWeave has joined hands with International Organization for Migration (IOM) to ensure migrant workers are benefitted with WorkersJoint program by registering them on this platform and connecting them with businesses who may offer them better work opportunities and better work environment. The multi-faceted program builds worker capacity through awareness, long-term training and social linkages while also featuring them on the tech platform ‘WorkersJoint’ to stimulate demand-based hiring. The program aims to help companies employ experienced and skilled workers from the informal sector, ultimately encouraging an environment of ethical outsourcing. This program extends the boon of formalization even to home-based workers and labor contractors who deserve socio-economic stability and legal existence, just like their formal counterparts.


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