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Certification for Global Markets

GoodWeave builds partnerships with businesses in India and abroad to stimulate the case for business accountability to end child labour in all parts of their supply chains by helping them build a sustainable pathway. After decades of work in Carpets sector, GoodWeave is expanding its work to the Home Textiles, Apparel and Fashion Accessory sectors. 
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Child-Friendly Communities

The evolution of the Child-Friendly Community (CFC) Program within GoodWeave is attributed to addressing the root cause of Child Labour through a community-based approach, aiming to transform the participating community into a child-labour-free zone. The CFC program in carpet-weaving and apparel handwork communities is currently present in 54 locations spread over three states, i.e., Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, benefitting 41,221 children as we speak. Know More

Restoring Childhood 

GoodWeave India works to ensure all children at-risk of child labour in the production supply chains get enrolled in school and attend classes regularly to achieve their age appropriate learning levels. For us, each child is unique and has their own circumstances and situations which require proper understanding before making an intervention. The organization invests considerable time in making an assessment of the situation and planning the right kind of intervention, keeping the child’s best interest in mind at all times. Know More

Certification for Indian markets

After diligent work with the global supply chains related to Carpets and Home Textiles, GoodWeave is set to introduce its Domestic Certification in 2020 in India. The certification is being launched as a pilot in 2020. Know More


Roshni builds partnership with companies to help them improve practices such as responsible hiring and worker health and safety in their main factories. It also helps promoting no child labour and no forced labour in the informal sector production units to ensure responsible outsourcing of some of their production processes while working towards towards their better brand building through adherence to the standards of social compliances. Know More

New India Forum

GoodWeave’s New India Forum works to promote dialogue, awareness and innovation and encourages collaborations, research, data, engagement of businesses, policymakers, and conscious consumers to support informal workers, artisans, and their children to build a new India. Know More


GoodWeave India has also developed a tech platform, WorkersJoint, to connect manufacturers, contractors, job-seeking skilled workers, home workers, and factory workers along with their business and skill profile. This tech platform will help manufacturers rebuild and improve their supply chains. It will help workers get better jobs, and contractors get better job orders. GoodWorkers will also ensure that the companies do not hire workers who are minors or are victims of trafficking. Know More

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