Tri-Impact Initiative

GoodWeave India Trust (GWIT) launched Tri-Impact Initiative to mark the 10th year of its work towards creating impact in Global Value Chains, making them more sustainable and a better place to work.

As a part of this initiative, GoodWeave India Trust is supporting  the following:

1. Collaborate with International and National organizations to contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2. Leverage our grassroots presence and expertise in India to enrich the impact on working conditions for workers and environmental action in the Global Value Chains.    

3. Launched a company namely Tri-Impact International Association to build collaborations with sustainability-focused national and international organizations and companies to achieve a more significant impact.  



Tri-Impact Initiative builds collaborations with

Workers: Value chain sustainability is equally important for workers as it is a question of basic survival for them. Most informal workers in India rely on daily earnings to support themselves and their families. GoodWeave India Trust developed the WorkersJoint Program that provides a digital platform to initiate helping the marginalized workers get better jobs and connect them with social security, empowerment initiatives, recognition, and skills. This will enable them to achieve upward economic and social mobility. For more information, go to the WorkersJoint page.

Indian Businesses: Tri-Impact works with Indian companies to make them impact partners. The impact partnership starts with documenting the practices adopted and implemented by the companies to improve working conditions and environmental action.  The impact partnerships are designed to promote these practices further and use the best practice examples to motivate other companies to improve their impact. 

International Businesses:  Tri-Impact adds value in the efforts of the International businesses by leveraging our grassroots presence and expertise in India. The collaborations enrich the impact on working conditions for workers and environmental action in the Global Value Chains.  

Value Chain Sustainability and Climate Action Organizations


 Tri-Impact works to study, document, and promote: 

1. Best practices promoted by Global Trade to ensure Education of Children of workers especially girl children in Global Value Chains.   


Best practices promoted by Global Trade to promote recycling of resources in Global Value Chains. 

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