Supply Chain Sustainability

GoodWeave’s work in supply chains reflects an attunement to the whole marketplace rather than select businesses.

We work with diverse stakeholders, building their capacity to initiate and lead collaborative, evidence-based action to promote supply chain sustainability processes with a focus on respecting human rights and environmental management. For us, it is paramount that our strategic actions are not regulatory but build the capacity of businesses, workers, civil society, agents and administrations to co-exist and thrive as one large community.

The supply chain sustainability capacity building program of GoodWeave India has three inter-related components. 

Education and Research : With a motive to build awareness and commitment to supply chain sustainability issues among stakeholders, the program’s Education and Research component conducts workshops, webinars, conferences, and panel discussions throughout the year. By equipping the stakeholders with essential informational tools, the organization promotes dialogue and enhances collaborative action in the industry. This is achieved by collating, analyzing, demystifying and disseminating information on child labor, worker rights, labor laws in India, international legislation, responsible hiring practices, and sustainability standards and certifications, among other issues. 

In addition to curating and delivering content in real-time and virtual modes, the program aims to collaborate with the research community to analyze significant trends, challenges and approaches to supply chain sustainability. This will be undertaken by exploring the relationship between various market factors such as consumer preferences, business decisions and the fluidity of the marketplace, and what it takes to practice the otherwise aspirational notion of the circular economy.

The program ultimately delivers the tools and practices that can be incorporated to promote holistic action for worker rights, business growth and environmental sustainability.

Roshni: Participatory Learning and Action : GoodWeave India sees ethical businesses as the forerunners of supply chain sustainability. Through our participatory learning and action initiative, we are developing and using an innovative process of promoting supply chain sustainability by facilitating businesses, big or small, become active leaders in the change-making process. This program is called Roshni, symbolizing the process of enhancing visibility and foresight in supply chains through participatory action by businesses and associated stakeholders. It is designed by GoodWeave India to help businesses acquire a deeper understanding of their strengthens as business entities, the achievable goals to achieve improvement in their supply chains, identification and networking with the diverse stakeholders who can contribute to promoting supply chain sustainability.

Roshni enlists seven-steps of participatory learning and action that businesses can use to assess their strengths and potential of other stakeholders to contribute and benchmarking their sustainability goals. It unleashes businesses’ inherent entrepreneurship, helping them decode the existing energies, resources, and collaborations related to the marketplace to achieve their sustainability goals. The businesses then learn and adopt new hiring systems, worker and outsourcing management to eliminate child and forced labor possibilities completely and promote other best practices.

Presently, 22 companies and their supply chains, including 141 sub-contracting and 320 home-based units in Jaipur, participate in this program as part of the Child Labor Free Jaipur (CLFJ) Program.

Worker Awareness and Empowerment : Workers (both formal and informal) are an indispensable part of thriving supply chains. GoodWeave India’s worker empowerment program is called WorkersJoint; it is a holistic program supporting marginalized informal workers, mostly migrants, home-based workers, women workers and micro-producers, to attain greater upward mobility within a supply chain. GoodWeave has joined hands with International Organization for Migration (IOM) to ensure migrant workers are benefitted with WorkersJoint program by registering them on this platform and connecting them with businesses who may offer them better work opportunities and better work environment. The multi-faceted program builds worker capacity through awareness, long-term training and social linkages while also featuring them on the tech platform ‘WorkersJoint’ to stimulate demand-based hiring. The program aims to help companies employ experienced and skilled workers from the informal sector, ultimately encouraging an environment of ethical outsourcing. This program extends the boon of formalization even to home-based workers and labor contractors who deserve socio-economic stability and legal existence, just like their formal counterparts.


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