Roshni Program

Roshni is a capacity building program designed for Global Value Chains in India based on Participatory Learning and Action methodologies. It is designed to support businesses in improving working conditions for workers, environmental action, and sustainable business growth.

 Businesses want to focus on the needs of their buyers in terms of products, production processes, and social and environmental compliances. At the same time, it is mandatory to follow government regulations. Roshni supports businesses in mapping and engaging their entire production universe in fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities through systematic local and global collaborative action. 

 Roshni builds the capacity of businesses to map their entire production universe, conduct gap analysis, and develop ways to improve through implementing an action plan. Roshni encourages measuring the impact and sharing experiences with other stakeholders to encourage replication and scale.

GoodWeave India Trust has evolved Roshni’s methodology through rigorous testing with several value chains.

Roshni involves seven steps: 

Step 1: Mapping all your suppliers to Know your Production Universe.  

Step 2: Buyers expect manufacturers to manufacture responsibly. Grow your business by knowing the expectations of your potential buyer. Roshni helps businesses understand these expectations.   

Step 3: Evaluate your production universe for the above expectations through self-assessments. Again, this is required to be done for entire supply chain.

Step 4: For any non-compliances, set your goals and identify appropriate ways to achieve them. Roshni works with companies to guide how to achieve those goals through collaborations, providing policies and tool kits.

Step 5: Achieve goals by acting throughout your production universe. 

Step 6: Improvement is a continuous process. Analyse the extent of improvement and measure success.

Step 7: The success, learning and progress needs to be shared with stakeholders such as businesses, government departments, buyers, schools, hospitals, community leaders etc to motivate them and promote scale. 

The seven steps are repeated to build learning, collaborations, success, and behavioral change in the entire value chain to improve working conditions for workers and environmental action in Global Value Chains.

Presently, 25 companies and their supply chains consisting of more than 200 manufacturing units participate in the Roshni program to achieve a more significant impact.

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