Roshni Program

Roshni: Participatory Learning and Action : GoodWeave India sees ethical businesses as the forerunners of supply chain sustainability. Through our participatory learning and action initiative, we are developing and using an innovative process of promoting supply chain sustainability by facilitating businesses, big or small, become active leaders in the change-making process. This program is called Roshni, symbolizing the process of enhancing visibility and foresight in supply chains through participatory action by businesses and associated stakeholders. It is designed by GoodWeave India to help businesses acquire a deeper understanding of their strengthens as business entities, the achievable goals to achieve improvement in their supply chains, identification and networking with the diverse stakeholders who can contribute to promoting supply chain sustainability.


Roshni enlists seven-steps of participatory learning and action that businesses can use to assess their strengths and potential of other stakeholders to contribute and benchmarking their sustainability goals. It unleashes businesses’ inherent entrepreneurship, helping them decode the existing energies, resources, and collaborations related to the marketplace to achieve their sustainability goals. The businesses then learn and adopt new hiring systems, worker and outsourcing management to eliminate child and forced labor possibilities completely and promote other best practices.

Presently, 22 companies and their supply chains, including 141 sub-contracting and 320 home-based units in Jaipur, participate in this program as part of the Child Labor Free Jaipur (CLFJ) Program.


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