Promoting Education 

The Child-Friendly Communities (CFC) program represents GoodWeave India’s formative attempt to prevent the occurrence of child labor by leveraging India’s 2009 Right to Education (RTE) Act.
Through a robust, community-based approach to improving education access, CFC benefits schooling in rural weaving villages and urban labor colonies where access to functional schools and learning is severely limited. The program aims at reaching 100% of the children in the community in the age group of 6-14 years, establishing a tradition for childhood education that goes far beyond mere enrollment on paper.

Supporting children in worker communities and urban labor colonies

A large part of the CFC program involves working with vulnerable children, such as those not enrolled, not learning, or school dropouts, in artisan communities. Through active engagement with government and private schools in the area, local authorities, Madrasas, community members, we overcome any limitation related to community access and education for these children. 

Limiting child labor through the preventive approach of Child-Friendly Communities implies that businesses can confidently outsource work to small production units and artisan communities where education is guaranteed and the risk of child labor is negligible.

In 55 Communities of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, GoodWeave India has been supporting 47,908 Children. We are also working with worker communities to identify more children and link them with educational services.


Supporting children in the supply chains

GoodWeave India is dedicated to keeping children away from exploitative production activities that become detrimental to children’s rights. Children of workers in production supply chains, especially those identified as at-risk of child labor, are effectively supported, enrolled in schools and receive educational, emotional and social rehabilitation. We work with diverse stakeholders, including employers, family members, schools, government agencies, to ensure that all children continue their education and are protected.

If any critical cases of child labor are found in any production units, the rehabilitation and intervention occur through appropriate government channels, as per law.

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