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GoodWeave is a professional team of experts and promoter of social change dedicated to ending child labour and forced labour in the industrial sector by partnering with global brands and monitoring their production processes from factory floors to home-worker levels for child labours, backed by international and national legislations.

GoodWeave India has a large team for Social Programs that works in the worker communities with children and families, ensuring every child goes to school and all community stakeholders equivocally support education for their children. This team consists of Head Social Program, Social program manager and a vast team of Field officers and field facilitators. This team maps 55 Child Friendly Communities in different areas of India to ensure no children stay at home or work anywhere. This team connects each child in the community with the schools and track them to ensure their childhood is saved and India’s literacy rate keep growing.

Program Managers ensures that the objective of the projects are being met, finances are within control and the progress is consistently monitored.

GoodWeave’s Inspection, Monitoring & Certification team is responsible for mapping production units and calculating unit capacities in order to ensure transparency of production being executed in disclosed units. The team is also well versed in verifying documentation, interviewing workers and in knowing if any adolescent or child labour is engaged in the units.

In case a child labour is identified, GoodWeave’s Remediation team conducts a thorough investigation into the root causes of the child labour, interacts with parents of the child, conducts a needs assessment and offers a solution to ensure safe and sustainable remediation of the child.

GoodWeave India has a separate wing of Business Development and Communications which ensures all its stakeholders, business partners are well connected, informed about GoodWeave’s activities and endeavours. Besides, this team brings the visibility to the brand in the domestic & international market, get more businesses become partners of GoodWeave’s mission.

GoodWeave’s Monitoring and Evaluation department is responsible for setting up the performance monitoring system for the organization, setting up outcome indicators, designing the M&E framework for GoodWeave and measure the performance and outcome of the core programs.

GoodWeave’s Accounts & Operations, HR and Administration teams provide support to the whole set up.

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122B, First Floor, IT Tower-1, Wegmans Business Park,

Knowledge Park-III,

Greater Noida-201308

Phone: +120-297-7000

Mobile No. 9870294097

Email: communications@goodweaveindia.net

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