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The globally recognized GoodWeave Certification assures a supply chain free of child labor and forced labor.

GoodWeave certification model, pioneered by the organization in more than two decades, facilitates our supply chain monitoring and assessment work through its evolved policies and processes. It helps businesses integrate transparency in their everyday operations and make dedicated efforts to eliminate and prevent ill-labor practices in all parts of their supply chains. GoodWeave team conducts this distinct monitoring work everywhere in the production supply chains from factory floors to the outsourced web of sub-contractors and home-based worker communities. The result for businesses? Greater visibility within supply chains, a more engaging and conscious marketplace, and the GoodWeave Label for their products. GoodWeave is the only global certification that helps international carpets, and home textiles companies source child labor and forced labor free goods with confidence from suppliers in India whose production units are monitored and supported regularly.

Our market-based approach also helps businesses recognize that workers’ well-being and upward mobility are crucial for a healthy supply chain. In addition to monitoring up till the last production unit, we extend a budding social program to enable workers and their children in production units and local communities. Using methodologies backed by international standards and policies, we ensure compliances aren’t crudely enforced but instead embraced by socially conscious and responsible businesses worldwide.

GoodWeave India currently provides services to 160+ export houses in the country, with as many as 4734 of their production sites under our monitoring and improvement process.

You can read about the GoodWeave standard and our certification policies on the GoodWeave International website link

As a full member of ISEAL Alliance, GoodWeave complies with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, which are seen as a global reference for developing credible standards. As part of this compliance, GoodWeave is independently assessed by the IOAS against the ISO 17065 standard, ensuring that the organization is free of external pressure, is transparent, has quality control, and producers are treated equally.

Inspection Monitoring and Certification

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