Food Distribution

GoodWeave has taken an initiative to distribute food and hygiene products, including masks, to the needy workers, especially informal workers who are unable to get any help from Government or the companies they work for.

To combat such dreadful crisis, GoodWeave has taken unprecedented steps to feed these workers especially those associated with GoodWeave licensee supply chains. Food kits have been made consisting of Flour, Rice, Dal, Sugar, Salt, Oil and hygiene materials such as soap and masks. These are being distributed in areas where GoodWeave works – Varanasi, Jaipur and Panipat. Each kit has dry ration for about 15 days.

So far 35,472 people have received ration benefits. These are informal workers who were in dire need.

Besides distributing food kits, GoodWeave has connected 29,445 workers with the  government ration support through public distribution system and with other stakeholders like carpet production units.

More than 1,14,000 beneficiaries have been supported by GoodWeave India in various ways and counting. 

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