GoodWeave Certification for Indian Market

Assurance towards a Child Labour Free Business Supply Chain through Systematic Assessments in Partnership with the Businesses.

After diligent work with the global supply chains related to Carpets and Home Textiles, GoodWeave is set to introduce its Domestic Certification in 2020 in India. This certification program would support Indian manufacturers to show their commitment to the consumers and customers for improving compliance such as no child labour and improved working conditions for workers. It will help in building their brands and becoming the winner in the Indian and global markets. 

The Indian consumers will now have answer if they ask:

“Where do I buy Child Labour Free Products?”

“How do I know if the manufacturer of merchandise in store is registered and complying with the government norms?”

“How am I assured there was no exploitation of any type in the production of merchandise I buy?”

GoodWeave label for the Indian market will be able to help manufacturers answer some of the social compliance related questions of consumers. The certification is being launched as a pilot in 2020 and it will signify the following with respect to production processes involved in the manufacturing of the product:  

      • No Child Labour
      • No Forced and Bonded Labour
      • Production supply chain is documented
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