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Covid-19 has disrupted all Businesses. Today businesses do not know whether they will get the workers when they start their factories again. Most of the workers have gone to their native places. Also, businesses do not know how many workers they can sustain since there is apprehension that a lot of business will be lost and there won’t be any orders. Likewise, a worker doesn’t know if his job is retained when he goes back to work. Migrant workers don’t know if they will get their job back when they come back to the city of their work.

In such a situation, GoodWeave has taken the responsibility of connecting the businesses with the needy workers. In addition to providing social security and food essentials to affected workers, GoodWeave has developed a mobile and web-based application wherein database is created for various businesses, contractors and workers. There is a provision to make complete profiles of Businesses, Contractors and Workers. They can login and go through the profile of each other, post jobs or work requirements. Hence a Contractor who does stitching or embroidery can post his spare capacity which can be assessed by a business who is looking to outsource some capacity.

WorkersJoint uses Information Technology to connect skilled informal home-based workers and contractors with the handwork related outsourcing of responsible businesses. This platform is focused on establishing transparent business outsourcing practices while improving the lives of workers in the informal sector, eliminating the possibilities of child labour in business supply chains and connecting workers with jobs.

Through WorkersJoint, the businesses will be able to:

  • Access verified database on sub-contractors for responsible job-work outsourcing
  • Access verified database on workers and labour contractors
  • Post requirements and send it to relevant sub-contractors or workers directly
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