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Response Overview

GoodWeave India works with around 90,000 informal workers including artisans and 41,000 children in the supply chains, industrial areas, and home-based worker communities. The geographical regions include Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Kerala. GoodWeave has been reaching out to all these workers and their families to provide immediate support as and wherever needed, and is also working with them to help build resilience in the post – COVID ecosystem through focused initiatives.

Response Dashboard – GoodWeave India
(Data as on 31st May 2021)

We have reached out to 28,413 families of workers communities including migrant workers directly through phone calls and took cognizance of their immediate problems and need. The information gathered is used in assessing and addressing the most critical needs on a priority basis.   

Utilized government approved IEC materials in form of text, audio and video to create awareness in the communities about Covid-19. So far, 114,759 community members have been sensitized from various districts of  UP, Haryana and Rajasthan.


Ration kits were provided to worker communities and migrant workers to avoid food crisis during lockdown and wage loss. So far 16,239 ration kits have been distributed in various districts of UP, Haryana and Rajasthan benefiting 64,897 family members.

Hygiene Aids (Face Masks and Hand Gloves) are also being distributed in worker communities. So far, 59,395 masks have been distributed across our intervention locations.

Children in 54 vulnerable worker communities spread across Varanasi, Panipat, Jaipur and Greater Noida are receiving virtual educational support during this ongoing pandemic.  So far, 13,340 children have been linked with virtual educational services using WhatsApp.   
We have organized training of community members on financial literacy and so far 5,679 beneficiaries have been trained and 90 percent of them were women. Financial Literacy helps women access banks, receive financial assistance and make small savings.  
We supported communities to open Jan-Dhan bank accounts and so far 1,020 new accounts have been opened. Out of the total 75 percent beneficiaries were women. We also worked to activate the dormant accounts and linked them with Aadhaar numbers, so that the beneficiaries can receive government assistance.  

Response stories from the field 

Families engaged in fashion jewellery making near Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Just after a few days of the lockdown, the GoodWeave field team started connecting with workers and their contractors to know how they are preparing for the crisis. It came to the notice of the team that three families (twenty-two members) were in distress as they could not store the essential food items. GoodWeave helped provide the food grains through Panchayat leaders and community members for immediate needs. The field team also linked the needy families with the government’s Public Distribution System (PDS) scheme.

Family of a child in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

A young boy from Sitapur who received educational rehabilitation support from GoodWeave to continue his education shared that his father got stranded in Panipat, and his family was without cash and food. His mother’s health was also not good. GoodWeave team member immediately contacted the manager of a production unit associated with the GoodWeave partner exporter in Sitapur for help. The family received essential food items on the same day.

Workers in a carpet workshop in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh

GoodWeave team member collected information on 4th April 2020 that four families of workers having twenty-three members and one more family of four members in a village of Bhadohi district are out of food grain stock. GoodWeave contacted a licensee exporter in that area for help. The supportive exporter quickly arranged within two hours and delivered a sufficient quantity of wheat, rice, potatoes, pulses, and spices.

Family of a child in Katihar, Bihar

The family of a child from Katihar district who received educational rehabilitation called up the GoodWeave team. They informed that 10 workers from their family were stuck in a facility in Bhadohi, and the Master Weaver did not have sufficient funds to support the group for long. GoodWeave contacted the local Lions Club members to provide help to the family and later connected them with the available neighbourhood support.

Mirzapur-based weaver family

GoodWeave contacted several families of workers and children who received educational rehabilitation support from GoodWeave to continue their compulsory education. One such family in Mirzapur was in distress as they did not have money to purchase food materials when the lockdown started. GoodWeave team coordinated with its Mirzapur-based exporter partner and arranged food grains for the family to manage the needs for a few days and subsequently linked the family in  successfully  getting government support .

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