Child Friendly Communities – Uttar Pradesh

The CFC program started in Uttar Pradesh in January 2015 with two communities at Bedmanpur and Kolhan. At present the project is running in 11 communities in the following locations:

  • Bhadohi – Jahidpur, Raymalpur, Mehboobpur, Kukrauthi & Foolwariyan
  • Mirzapur- Semari, Tarsada, Gobardhanpur&Ramapur and
  • Varanasi – Anai and Rasoolahan

A pilot phase Apparel project ran between 2016-2018 in three districts of Uttar Pradesh — Bulandshahar, Hapur and Meerut — in six communities — Kanwara, Tilbegampur, Salai, Jaee and Nangla with the following project goals:

  • Reduce child labour in apparel supply chain and ensure 100 percent enrolment of children in school
  • Children should have age appropriate learning
  • Increase regularity of children in school and community participation in program through awareness towards education

As on January 2019, the apparel program is running all existing communities with 6,563 at-risk children covering six communities.

In addition, in both the phases we are empowering women and young girls through Adult Literacy Classes in all CFC communities. So far (250 plus 146) 396 adults have completed the 4 to 6 months program spanning 200 hours of content.

Progress as on 31st December, 2019:

17 Child Friendly Communities, 17,236 Children Supported, 19 Motivation and Learning Camps, 68 Partnering Schools

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