The Child-friendly Community project was kickstarted in Jaipur in 2019 in three districts and 14 villages. The program works with entire communities – children, families, and local government. The CFC project in Jaipur works on the following beneficiaries, objectives and actions:

Children (40% girls from marginalized communities), including children susceptible to child labour situations.

Teachers in government and private schools: Engaged and oriented, trained, sensitized and motivated to work effectively with the at-risk children and children from marginalized communities.

Community volunteers, educated youth and children: Increase the level of social awareness to get them to assume leadership to make education, no child labour and no child marriage a high priority.

Families: Improve the level of awareness and sensitivity regarding the importance of education, especially for girl children; and the harmful effect of early marriage and child labour on the future of their children.

Specific objectives that the program addresses:

  • Reduce the possibilities of child labour by promoting access, enrolment, attendance, retention, learning and other developmental activities for children in school.
  • Enhance awareness, sensitivity and action among parents, teachers and businesses to make Child Labour socially and culturally unacceptable in the project communities and develop/strengthen mechanisms to sustain actions and impacts.
  • Strengthen data and evidence-based action, advocacy and upscale for the Child Friendly Community project.

    Progress as on 31st December, 2019:

    30 Child Friendly Communities, 16915 Children Supported, 30 Motivation and Learning Camps, 110 Partnering Schools

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