Good Weave India Trust is an independent not-for-profit organization established in India in 2012 to support businesses to achieve better working conditions for workers, environmental action, and governance in their main factories and extended value chains.

GoodWeave India Trust has been working with thousands of production units and worker communities associated with the Carpets, Home Textiles, and Apparel sectors in different states of India to build the capacity of the businesses and to motivate them to fulfill social compliances and improve working conditions. The Trust has also been working to link informal migrant workers with job and social security, and promote education for their children.

GoodWeave India Trust is celebrating the 10th year of its work and contribution to improving working conditions in the export-oriented supply chain with the launch of its Tri-Impact Initiative. The initiative will achieve business growth, social and environmental impact on a larger scale by taking the following action:

  • Documenting the impact of global trade on improving the environmental, social, and governance aspects in the supply chains of producers
  • Connecting the impact-oriented producers and global buyers in a way that the trade generates incentives for achieving a bigger impact
  • Capacity building through our innovative WorkersJoint and Roshni programs to help producers achieve their impact goals efficiently
  • Frequently measuring impact to encourage improvements and innovations

WorkersJoint program provides companies with a digital platform and database of skilled workers and subcontractors looking for jobs to ensure they are not dependent solely on informal sources to hire workers and outsource work. The program is also designed to recognize the Prior Learning of the informal workers to help them break the poverty trap by getting a job/ job work with better working conditions.

Roshni program’s seven-step process builds the knowledge and capacity of the businesses to understand the fulfillment needs of social compliances, social impact, and environmental action so that they can plan, implement and measure the improvement in their supply chain.

GoodWeave India helps achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to children, workers, and the environment. GoodWeave India Trust is led by an eminent and accomplished Board of Trustees and a highly skilled and experienced Management Team of experts, professionals, and social change leaders.

WorkersJoint Program builds the database of informal workers and connects them with Businesses through a tech platform

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