Support Informal Workers and Artisans

GoodWeave is assisting thousands of marginalized informal workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Carpet, Home Textiles, Fashion Jewellery and Garment sectors in addressing their food, health & safety requirements. We seek support and partnership to strengthen our efforts.

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Channelizing Information and Awareness

GoodWeave has been in touch with its partner companies and their workers including home-based workers to keep them informed about COVID-19, precautions and preventive measures to be taken, and actions in case of an emergency.

Food Distribution

GoodWeave has been in touch with the workers and contractors in their partner companies to provide food and essentials to all who are in dire need.

Social Security to Workers

GoodWeave connects workers to Government’s schemes and benefits by helping them complete their documentation thereby getting them connected with social security.

Building Resilience of Workers and Businesses

Understanding the way this pandemic has disrupted businesses and their entire supply chain, GoodWeave is helping businesses and workers to get connected to each other through its technology-based platform.

Connecting At-Risk Children with E-Learning

GoodWeave is connecting children of worker communities with E-Learning during this pandemic to help them continue their education until they are able to get back to their regular classes.

Transforming The Lives of Marginalized Workers

Through this campaign, we are extending the boon of formalization to the informal workers in India and labour contractors who deserve socio-economic stability and legal existence just like their formal counterparts.

 Welcome to GoodWeave India!

GoodWeave India is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in India to promote responsible and sustainable business growth for the benefit of children, workers, and the environment. It builds collaborations with credible global sustainability organizations, responsible businesses, government programs, local NGOs, and communities of workers & artisans to improve working conditions at the bottom of India’s manufacturing supply chains.

The organization’s collaborative work promotes innovations and best practices to improve the working conditions in the supply chains that are 84% in the unorganized informal sector. GoodWeave India helps evolve public policies and contributes towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to children, workers, and the environment.

GoodWeave India, with its primary partner organization GoodWeave International, works to monitor the supply chains of Licensee Exporters to ensure no child labor is engaged in the production process. The monitoring and certification program, along with effective programs on Child Labour Remediation and  Child Friendly Communities and worker well-being, help improve the supply chains of small and big companies and their outsourced production universe in the informal sector. Improvements in supply chains achieved in partnerships with businesses help promote the export of India’s manufacturing sectors such as Carpets, Home Textiles, Apparel, and Fashion Jewellery in the global market. 

Our partnership with the Freedom Fund works to support the Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative and implements an innovative capacity building program on social compliances for supply chains called Roshni. The program encourages the manufacturers to use responsible hiring and outsourcing practices to promote ethical practices in the supply chains and helps them fulfill their broader social and environmental responsibilities.

GoodWeave India, in association with its partner organizations, is working on launching a business social compliance certification program for the companies producing for the Indian domestic market.

Our pioneering program WorkersJoint is designed to support informal workers in starting their upward mobility journey. 

GoodWeave India is led by an eminent and accomplished Board of Trustees and a highly skilled and experienced Management Team of experts, professionals, and social change leaders.

Building a World Free of Child Labour

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