Benefits of Becoming a GoodWeave Volunteer

Become a frontline social worker

GoodWeave gives you an opportunity to be a part of its social programs and thereby be part of their extended family.

Volunteer Certificate

As an authorized volunteer you get Volunteer Certificate for every activity contributed by you. All activities are focused on single mission – Eradication of Child Labour – you become a proud supporter and contributor.

Learning New skills

While participating in many projects, campaigns and activities a volunteer is able to learn many new skills which will further help him/her in other areas of life as well.

Add value to your Resume

Most prospective employers appreciate people who are willing to commit personal time for social cause, hence your role as a volunteer will add value to your profile.

Help in Building a Better community

The work and contribution of a volunteer plays a great role in building a better community and adds value in the process of building our nation.

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